Adult Programs

Adult Programs

General Program Information


How much do the programs cost? They are all FREE

Book Clubs

Who can join? Everyone 18 years and older is welcome to join!  

What is the difference between the four book clubs? The two afternoon book clubs read the exact same books, just in a different order. The After Dark evening book club has a different set of books entirely. 

The Pride Pages evening book club focuses on LGBTQ2+ books and requires registration (stephaniejames@summer.com or 250-770-7786) 

Can I join more than one club? You are welcome to join the evening book club, and one of the afternoon book clubs. You are welcome to register for Pride Pages, but space is limited for this club.  

Where do I get the book? Come to the circulation desk, and see if there is a copy OR pick a copy up when the book club meets.

Learning at Lunch

Who can come? This program is designed for adults, but anyone may come. We also have a ton of excellent children's programing available specifically for our younger patrons!

When does it start? At 12:00pm (noon).

Tuesday Night Movies

Who can come? Everyone 18 years and older is welcome to come to our Tuesday Night Movies.

When does it start? The doors open at 5:45pm and the movie starts at 6:00pm.

I want to run my own book club

That is great! We have book club sets that you can borrow. The titles available can be found here: Book Club Sets 

Anyone with a Penticton Public Library card can check out a Book Club Kit for their book club.  The person who checks out the kit assumes responsibility for returning the complete kit (bag and all copies) to the library by the due date.

** Please note that you MUST put a request in for the set, either by phone (250) 770-7782, in person, or by going here



The Silent Epidemic: Learning at Lunch

Friday, February 7
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Hearing Loss

Presented by: Adam Verwey

Have you had “the talk” yet with your loved one? Are you concerned about how it will go? Well never fear, Adam Verwey is here!

Hearing loss is no laughing matter, and Adam will dispel common myths and misconceptions about hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids. The talk will focus on understanding the information on a hearing test, and is designed to give you the information you need to make an informed choice to best suit your needs and finances!



Let's Talk Dirty: Composting 101

Friday, February 21
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Compost picture

Presented By: Cameron Baughen

Cameron Baughen (aka the Worm Guy) has been teaching about garbage, recycling and composting with the RDOS for over 15 years. Learn about the 5 easy steps to make beautiful compost for your garden. Late winter is a great time to start thinking about getting ready for spring gardening. Learn the best ways to set up a compost bin, add materials and use the ‘black gold’ you will make! 

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