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Adult Programs

Adult programs

General Program Information


How much do the programs cost? They are all FREE

Book Clubs

Who can join? Everyone 18 years and older is welcome to join!  

What is the difference between the three book clubs? The two afternoon book clubs read the exact same books, just in a different order. The evening book club has a different set of books entirely.   

Can I join more than one club? You are welcome to join the evening book club, and one of the afternoon book clubs. 

Where do I get the book? Come to the circulation desk, and see if there is a copy OR pick a copy up when the book club meets.

Learning at Lunch

Who can come? This program is designed for adults, but anyone may come. We also have a ton of excellent children's programing available specifically for our younger patrons!

When does it start? At 12:00pm (noon).

Tuesday Night Movies

Who can come? Everyone 18 years and older is welcome to come to our Tuesday Night Movies.

When does it start? The doors open at 5:45pm and the movie starts at 6:00pm.

I want to run my own book club

That is great! We have book club sets that you can borrow. The titles available can be found here: Book Club Sets 

** Please note that you MUST put a request in for the set, either by phone (250) 770-7782, in person, or by going here



Learning at Lunch: Building Mental Resilience at Work

Friday, March 1
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Mental Resilience

Stressed at work? What do you do to cope? Resilience is our ability to bounce back when we experience stress. At work, that means having the ability to experience positive feelings and functioning at our best. We want to bring you tools for increasing your ability to bounce back, enjoy the things you used to, and perform the way you want to! You will learn practical ideas that you can use to strengthen your resilience. 

Learning at Lunch: Medication Awareness

Friday, March 15
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm


The potential misuse of medications is a growing concern. Information about how seniors can interact with doctors and pharmacists to ensure safe and effective use of medications is presented 

Learning at Lunch: Healing Power of Breath

Friday, March 29
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm


Beyond ‘take a deep breath’, healthy breathing is a vast profound experience that softens, releases, cleanses, heals, and opens us to life’s peak experiences.

My mission is to help you explore & build an easy daily ‘optimal’ breathing skills practice that:

· reduces/eliminates pain

· increases energy and health

· creates mental clarity

· calms emotions

· uplifts your spirit

· sparks your creative juices

Come, explore the healing powers hidden in your breath!

Learning at Lunch: Westward ho!

Friday, April 12
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

westward ho

Returning to Penticton in September.

The summer was over and it was time to hit the road again.

Come with Jerry and Linda. Our 4671 km (6 days, 12 hours) drive, condensed to a 45 minute illustrated talk. Starting in NE Vermont, around Montreal, into the Laurentians and the gold mining regions of western Quebec, through the “near-north” of Ontario, to Nipigon, Thunder Bay, Kenora, and on to Winnipeg. Across the prairies, past Regina, Medicine Hat, Pincher Creek; Crowsnest Pass into BC, then the five passes to Osooyos and home to Penticton.

Farms, lakes, hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, mines, livestock, oil wells, wind farms, smoke. This is one big, beautiful country!


Learning at Lunch: Caring for Senior Parents

Friday, April 26
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Seniors walking

The number of seniors needing care is expected to double over the next 15 years.  More than 1 million caregivers in Canada are themselves over the age of 65.  
There is rarely any training for family members about how to help their senior parents through issues with their health, personal or financial care. Caregivers often stumble their way through the learning process, and they can often find themselves in difficulty because they unintentionally made a serious mistake.
This talk will explain three key legal things that every caregiver needs to know when helping their senior parents:
what the role of caregiver means legally
the importance of keeping assets separate and safeguarded
reporting requirements - things you need to keep track of

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