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Adult Programs

Summer Film Festival

General Program Information


How much do the programs cost? They are all FREE

Book Clubs

Who can join? Everyone 18 years and older is welcome to join!  

What is the difference between the three book clubs? The two afternoon book clubs read the exact same books, just in a different order. The evening book club has a different set of books entirely.   

Can I join more than one club? You are welcome to join the evening book club, and one of the afternoon book clubs. 

Where do I get the book? Come to the circulation desk, and see if there is a copy OR pick a copy up when the book club meets.

Learning at Lunch

Who can come? This program is designed for adults, but anyone may come. We also have a ton of excellent children's programing available specifically for our younger patrons!

When does it start? At 12:00pm (noon).

Tuesday Night Movies

Who can come? Everyone 18 years and older is welcome to come to our Tuesday Night Movies.

When does it start? The doors open at 5:45pm and the movie starts at 6:00pm.

I want to run my own book club

That is great! We have book club sets that you can borrow. The titles available can be found here: Book Club Sets 

** Please note that you MUST put a request in for the set, either by phone (250) 770-7782, in person, or by going here



Creative Non Fiction Writing Group

Thursday, June 27
09:30 am to 11:30 am


Creative Non Fiction

We all  have stories to share! 

  • Our aim is to inspire and help each other write anecdotes about specific events in our lives -- personal stories to hand down to future generations and possibly become archival public history.
  • At each meeting the participants will bring a story (or part of a story) they have written, of between 300 to 500 words, to share with the group.
  • You will then edit your story to add a sense of place and time, emotion, character development, dialogue, if appropriate. You may wish to improve your story with the help of the group’s constructive feedback.
  • The animator will provide tips and exercises to tap your resources for more writing ideas. You are encouraged to contribute by bringing your own writing ideas for stories to the group. During each session we will take time to write a story to share with the group.

This program is FREE, and is open to anyone 18 and older. 


Summer Film Festival: Canadian Film

Tuesday, July 2
06:00 pm to 08:30 pm

Indian Horse

The young protagonist Saul comes to know the worst of the Residential School system’s abuses after a series of family tragedies leave him in the care of authorities in Manitoba of the late1950s. When one of the priests recognizes Saul’s hockey talents, a potential pathway opens up before the youngster but like so many survivors of the schools, he remains haunted by the traumas of the past. 





Summer Film Festival: Classic Film

Thursday, July 4
06:00 pm to 08:30 pm

Strangers on a train

Tennis star Guy Haines is enraged by his trampy wife's refusal to finalize their divorce so he can wed senator's daughter Anne. He strikes up a conversation with a stranger, Bruno Anthony, and unwittingly sets in motion a deadly chain of events. Psychopathic Bruno kills Guy's wife, then urges Guy to reciprocate by  killing Bruno's father. Meanwhile, Guy is murder suspect number one.





Summer Film Festival: International

Tuesday, July 9
06:00 pm to 08:30 pm


A painfully shy waitress working at a tiny Paris cafe, Amelie makes a surprising discovery and sees her life drastically changed for the better. From then on, Amelie dedicates herself to  helping others find happiness in the most delightfully unexpected ways. But will she have the courage to do for herself what she has done for others?



Summer Film Festival: Blockbuster

Thursday, July 11
06:00 pm to 08:30 pm

A Star is born

 Seasoned musician Jackson Maine discovers -- and falls in love with -- struggling artist Ally. She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer until Jackson coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as Ally's career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jackson fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.



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