• Masks are mandatory, as per the provincial health order. If you forgot yours, please ask at the service desk! 

Booked up by Butterflies

This May your local library is all Booked Up By Butterflies!

Penticton Public Library will be raising 20+ painted lady caterpillars (sourced from the fantastic people at Vernon Teach and Learn). These native species will spend 3-4 weeks with us at the library, munching and growing until they form their coccoons and then emerge a short time later. To celebrate their stay with us, we'll be hosting a series of weekly and singular programs:

Caterpillar Roll Call

Your chance to suggest a name for one of the caterpillars! Click here to submit your names

Unboxing and Introductions

Join Lara as she unboxes and introduces our new little friends to where they'll live at the library on Monday, May 3 at 4:00 pm

Books for Butterflies

Join Julia (and sometimes Lara!) as they bring out the caterpillars to read them stories! Please note: storytime themes will vary, and may not always be about butterflies or insects.

"Cat"-Cam Livestream & Crafts

Tune in for weekly livestreams to check on the caterpillars and do simple themed crafts with household items each Thursday at 3:30 pm

Lady Buggy Guest Program

The fantastic Lady Buggy (Georgia Blum) will visit with us over Zoom to teach about insects, how they're named, and give us a detailed look at the lifecycle of a butterfly! Registration will be required for this program, and will open Wednesday, May 12

Release Wrap Up!

Watch as we release our grown painted lady butterflies out on the library's green space! This program will be socially distanced with masks required for attendance. Time and date TBA. The timing of this program will depend on the caterpillar's growing speed, and will be announced 2-4 days before it is held.

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