Board Game Collection

We have BOARD GAMES!! We are continually adding to this collection, so keep your eyes peeled. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How many games can I check out?" Penticton Resident Card holders can check out 2 games. BC One Card holders can check out 1.

"How long can I check out games for?" 1 week. This period may be reassessed after the initial launch of the collection. 

"Can I put a game on hold?" Patrons may put one game on hold at a time.

"How can I see what games you have?" We have two binders patrons can browse located where the games are shelved near the public internet computers. You can also view the board games in our online catalogue at home or on our catalogue computers in the library.

"Can I play a game in the library?" Of course! But you have to check the board game out to your account first.

"The boxes are empty! Where's the game?" All board game box contents will be kept at the check out desk. They will be replaced in the box when you check a board game out. 

"What are the fines for games?" Lost/Damaged fines: $50.00 per board game unless otherwise noted. Games returned via drop box: $15.00 fine.

"Why is there a drop box return fine?" Due to the unusual size of the boxes and the small pieces inside them, all board games must be returned inside the library at the check-in desk. No exceptions will be made.



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