• If you are unable to come to the library due to the heat or smoke, call us: 250-770-7781. We will renew your items. Stay safe out there everyone! 

Penticton Reads 2021

Penticton Reads Adult Summer Reading 

July 5th to August 28th 

Why let kids have all the fun! Join us on a new reading adventure for adults this year, at the Penticton Public Library. You can either participate virtually (by emailing or instant messaging us) or physically (by bringing the booklet in)! Email: pplsrc@pentictonlibrary.ca
Complete as many of the challenges as you can within the 7 weeks.
Show Library staff your completed activities in the booklet to receive tickets for completing the challenges (or email us).
Enter the tickets into weekly draws.
Each challenge is worth 1-5 tickets. These count towards weekly prizes and one of the three grand prizes!
How do I get my tickets entered in the prize draws?
You can tell us what challenges you’ve finished by emailing pplsrc@pentictonlibrary.ca OR  DMing us on Facebook (@PentictonPublicLibrary) or Instagram (@PentictonLibrary) You must say your ASR # when you are telling us what challenges you have completed.
When are the draws?
Weekly draws will be done on the Thursday after tickets have been submitted. For example: for the week of July 5th– 12th, the prize winner will be drawn on Thursday July 15th. Winners will be contacted shortly after. 
What are the prizes?
We have THREE grand prizes this year, and you can choose which grand prize your tickets will go towrads! Full information on prizes will be released at program launch.  
What book formats are accepted?
Print books, e-books, audiobooks, e-audiobooks, and graphic novels. Sorry, no magazines!
I don’t know what to read for the challenges — can you help?
Absolutely! You can call us, email us, or DM us on social media any time to ask for book recommendation for each themed reading challenge. 
Download the challenge booklet HERE (available July 5th) 
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