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Community Read-a-thon 2021!


This October we invite you to join us for our first Community Read-a-thon!

Challenge yourself to read for up to 2,000 minutes this month to beat our community goal of 100,000 minutes read, win prizes, AND watch staff complete silly tasks and activities for each milestone we meet on the road to our final goal!

The Read-a-thon will be hosted through Beanstack, our brand new reader-tracking service.

To join the Community Readathon, you will need to visit our Beanstack website and sign up for

  1. an account
  2. the Read-a-thon challenge

To access our Beanstack website, please click this link: https://pentictonlibrary.beanstack.com


  1. Scroll down on the page and click "Register and Individual or Family"
  2. Click "I am registering myself" and fill out the form (please include a phone number OR email in case you win a prize!)
  3. Click "Next" to add any family members as readers (optional)
  4. Join the Community Read-a-thon challenge under the "Challenges" tab or from your home page
  5. Click the red "Log Reading and Activities" button in the top left corner and start tracking your minutes!

Tip: If you forget to log your minutes one day, you can go back later and select previous days that you read!

But what's a giant reading challenge without a bit of extra fun and rewards?

To help encourage you to read as much as you can this month to smash our goal of 100,000 minutes read as a community, we decided to add some incentives:

STAFF ACTIVITY MILESTONES! Each milestone we hit means we're doing something a little bit silly as staff - so for once, you're the boss of us! Check out what shenanigans staff will get up to for each of the milestones below:

  • 1,000 minutes read: Staff wear silly hats to work for a day (Friday, October 8)
  • 5,000 minutes read: Staff choreograph and dance to a song on Instagram video
  • 10,000 minutes logged: Staff pajama day (patron participation encouraged, too!) (date TBA)
  • 15,000 minutes loged: Library obstactle course to be completed by staff wearing dinosaur suits (date TBA)
  • 30,000 minutes logged: Staff member will chow down on a dog cookie
  • 50,000 minutes logged: Staff all dress like a book character from the same series (date TBA)
  • 75,000 minutes logged: Librarian spelling bee! (date and details TBA)
  • 100,000 minutes logged: staff hair dye day! (At least one staff member, dye colour will be voted on!)


"Hey, what if we go beyond 100,000 minutes read?"

Don't worry! We have plans for that too... if you can reach our goal!

And of course, what's a Read-a-thon without prizes for our readers?

We will have two prize offerings this month for patrons who join the Community Read-a-thon challenge on Beanstack!

  • Weekly prize draws for everyone who signs up for the challenge, no matter how many badges you earn (drawn on Saturdays starting October 9)
  • A Grand prize draw available to everyone who COMPLETES the whole challenge and earns the final badge for reading 2,000 minutes!
  • Grand Prize entries are automatic when you complete the last badge for the community read-a-thon challenge
  • The weekly prize draw can be entered with a ticket earned when you register for the challenge!

Weekly prizes can include: a library mug, free book, button packs

The Grand Prize includes: every single piece of Library swag we've ever made at the Library, a free both, and more!

You bet there is!

To make it easier to track your reading, you can download the Beanstack Tracker app for free on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

After downloading and installing the app:

  1. Open the app and click "Let's Go!"
  2. Tap "School, Library, or Bookstore"
  3. Tap "Find a site" at the bottom of the app
  4. Type in "Penticton" at the top of the screen and then tap "Done" on your keyboard
  5. Tap "Penticton Library (BC CAN)"
  6. Sign in with your account details, OR click the "Sign up!" button on the bottom of the screen if you haven't signed up yet
  7. Navigate through the app with the five buttons (Home, Log, Discover, Account, Blue Plus sign) at the bottom of the page

TIP: The blue plus is a short cut to Log your reading, activities, and reviews!

TIP: Discover allows you to look for available challenges

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