ShelfLove Questionnaire

Please use this form to tell us more about you and what you read. Make sure to include as much information as possible - this will help our staff make thoughtful recommendations that align with your current reading interests and introduce you to new suggestions!

Note: This form is meant for adults and teens. If you need help finding materials for younger readers, please click here to connect with our Youth Services Librarian, Julia.

The average wait time for reading recommendations is one to two days during our open hours on Tuesday to Saturday.

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Please select the age range of books you would like recommended.
Some people prefer different narrators or main characters in what they read. Let us know if you prefer male, female, or have no preference.
Share the titles (and authors if you remember) of five books you enjoyed, and what you liked about them. Try to stick to short descriptions, such as: witty humor; snappy dialogue; spies; descriptive prose; high fantasy (lots of magic); steampunk mystery; dystopia; cozy mystery; dark atmosphere; cyberpunk setting; historical setting; LGBTQIA+; paranormal fiction.
You can also describe general interests if you don't remember book titles you've read, or list interests. Here are some examples of what you can write: animal stories; mysteries; magic adventures; time travel; school and friends stories; ghost stories; stories about the future; travelling in space/space adventures; survival stories. For information books, you can write "information books about [your interest here]" and write words in place of the brackets like: space, transportation, science, electronics, dolphins, mathematics, chickens, etc.
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