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If you can't get into the library because of the smoke please give us a call at: 250-770-7781. Do not risk your health or safety to return your items!


Please complete this form to register for the ADULT (YOUR WAY) version of our Ultimate Book Nerd Challenge.

Welcome packages will be available for pick up on Friday, January 7. If you are picking up packages for others, please be prepared to provide the full name that was used in their registration.

Please note: while you will see a confirmation message, our forms currently do not send confirmation emails. If you are concerned about an error with your registration, please email

An email reminder will be sent out before the welcome package pick up date.


The Ultimate Book Nerd Adult (Your Way) Challenge encourages readers to read and record 50 different books of their choice in our challenge booklet with the goal of reading one book per week from December to January 2022.



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