Video Games

Where are the games!?

We are glad you are excited, click here: Video Games

What kind of video games are available?

We only have Nintendo Switch games at the moment. 

How many video games can I take?

Resident card holders: 2

BC One Card Holders: 1

** please note, if you have a community card, you are not able to take out video games at this time **

How long can I take the game out for?

1 week

Can I renew the game?

We offer 1 renewal for video games, as long as there are no other patrons waiting for it.

What are the fines if I am late?

The library is now fines free

Why isn't the cartridge in the case!?

The cartridge is kept behind the desk. While you are checking the game out, circulation staff will put the cartridge into its case. 

What age range of games is available?

At the moment, we have games which are rated E (everyone) to T (teen) for more information about ratings, go here: ESRB

If I lose or damage a game, how much is the replacement fee?

The replacement fee is the price of the game currently listed on We do not currently have a replacement budget: some items may not be replaced. 

Can I borrow a Nintendo Switch Console?

Yes! Please click this link to put a hold on one! Nintendo Switch Console

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