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Ultimate Book Nerd 2024

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1, What Is It?

Ultimate Book Nerd is a year-long reading challenge from January to December 2024 for all ages to inspire you to expand your reading horizons! Work through a list of categories based on authors, genres, characters and more to explore new worlds and new words.

Just like in previous years, we have four different versions of the challenge, and each has different requirements to complete them. For example: the Adult challenge requires 50 categories be completed (50 books read), whereas the Kids and Teen challenges require 25 each. The Adult Your Way challenge also requires our readers to finish 50 books, but the choice of what they read is purely up to them - no categories or prompts are provided. These requirements average out to 1 book per week read for adults, and 1 book per two weeks read for kids and teens. There are also extra categories provided - so you can skip a couple that don't quite resonate with you.

Each reader will be given a welcome package to kick off the new year in January, which includes the Ultimate Reading Challenge Booklet for your challenge. The booklet has instructions, a bulleted list of the categories, suggestions of what to read or how to find materials for each category, and space for you to write the title you chose and your thoughts on it. Once you have completed all 25 or 50 categories you've chosen, just come to the library to show us the completed booklet and drop off your filled in prize form.

2, What Are The Categories?

While the full list of categories will remain a surprise for when you pick your booklets up in January, here's a sneak peek at a few of them:

  • Read a book with an orange cover
  • Read a book about a social movement
  • Read a romance novel where the lead character is over 50 years old
  • Read a middle grade novel
  • Read a book inspired by a classic story
  • Read a book with a punny title
  • Read a book from an author that you previously disliked (second chances!)

3, Is There A Prize?

Absolutely! Patrons who complete the challenge they signed up for can drop off their filled out completion/prize form at the library. The prize for finishing the 2024 UBN Challenge will be a printed, heavy-weight canvas tote bag. More details to come!

4, How Do I Register?

This year we will continue to offer a digital and print version of the 2024 Reading Challenge! The print version be delivered the same as before: readers will receive a booklet with the list of categories (and reading suggestions) to fill out. The digital version will be available through Beanstack, an online reading challenge platform. Readers will earn badges for each category completed - and you'll still get the reading suggestions, too!


You will need to to choose the appropriate challenge for your age (or age and interests for adults) and click on one of the links below. Select the "PAPER" option on the form and then provide your name, library card number, and contact information so we can prepare a Ultimate Book Nerd welcome package for you!


For 2024 you can choose to participate digitally through Beanstack. When you click on the appropriate challenge below, select the "DIGITAL" option on the form and fill out your information. When you visit the library to pick up your welcome package - you still get the free stuff too! - you will receive instructions on how to register on Beanstack as well as the code to join the reading challenge.

Click the links below to register for the challenge that matches you:





5, Other frequently asked questions.

  • Can I read more than (25/50) books?

Absolutely! We love that you love to read and if you want to read 2 or even 3 books per category, who are we to discourage you?! And while you can't double up on challenge prizes if you read twice as many books as required, we will be absolutely in awe of your reading power.

  • I only have an ORL/BC One Card, can I still participate?

You sure can!

  • I'm turning (13, 19) during the middle of the challenge, which one should I sign up for?

If you're on the cusp of our Teen or Adult challenges, we leave it up to our readers to sign up for the one that best fits their reading habits (do you read from the Junior or YA section more, for example). If you are still unsure, we welcome you to drop by the library to have a closer look at the categories from the challenges. Or, please email to have a few sent to you to see what fits you best.

  • Can one book count for two categories?

In the spirit of staying fair to everyone, we ask that you read a different book for each different category. So sorry, no double dipping!

  • I'm absolutely stumped on what to read - what do I do?

We're glad you're asked! If you've looked at our suggestions and none of them interest you, that's what we're all about at the library! You can visit us in person, contact us via the phone at 250-770-7782 or email us at to connect with one of our staff members who will in turn connect you with what you need. That being said, the point of the challenge is to try new things - so we encourage you to give the suggestions a chance first!

  • Can I join the challenge in the middle of it?

Of course you can! However, the requirement to earn the final prize will not be reduced based on when you join the challenge. Adults will still need to read 50 books to complete it, and kids/teens will still need to read 25 for completion.

  • Can I register for the challenge for both the digital and print versions?

The categories of the digital and print challenges are exactly the same, as are the prizes - we politely ask that you only register for one version.